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Arizona health insurance coverage

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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a plan that helps individuals in Arizona have their medical expenses covered. Plans can either compensate the protected for the expense or they can pay the medical provider. The health premium costs may be deductible for the policy holder, and they may receive other tax benefits. The Southwest Financial Center has insurance agents who assist the many needs and budgets of the many diverse populations who require health insurance. With so many different types of health insurance and with so many different considerations for considering a purchase of one type versus another, it is best to have full consultations with experienced licensed agents. All insurance agents get compensated by the health insurance providers so there should never be a need for an out-of-pocket cost to talk to a licensed agent.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Most compliant major medical plans with the 10 essential benefits are found on the national and state marketplaces. As a result of the Affordable Care Act, these plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum are the mainstay of health care for those under age 65. Naturally there are many Americans on employer group plans which mostly are these fully compliant insurance plans and offer terrific coverage. We can help you directly with these plans as an alternative to a telephone agent or trying to decide on these yourself by going online. There is never an additional fee for our assistance!

Other Insurance Plans

There are several other medical plans known as “gap” or “short term” plans as well as plans called “indemnity plans”. They do not typically cover the essential benefits seen in a major medical plan and mostly do not cover people with pre-existing conditions. Some plans don’t even cover prescriptions with an insurance plan but only offer a discount card. There are also plans known as “health sharing” plans often sold by religious institutions and there are plans for certain native populations. Be very careful in choosing such plans as often you will see the phrases “not fully compliant” or “not major medical” or even “not insurance”! Other plans offered by government entities are for specific population subsets and all have their detailed considerations to decide upon as alternatives.

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