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Arizona renters insurance coverage

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Renters Insurance

Just like owning a home, renting a home in the state of Arizona comes with certain responsibilities. Here's what you need to know about renter's insurance and how The Southwest Financial Center can help.

Is Renter's Insurance Required?

Renter's insurance is an interesting type of coverage because it's not required by law like some other types of insurance are. However, most renters in Arizona are still required by their landlords to carry renter's insurance. Landlords prefer tenants carry renter's insurance because it protects landlords from being held liable for damage to their personal property. If you're moving into a new rental home or apartment, make sure you inquire about the renter's insurance requirements before you move.

What Is Renter's Insurance?

Arizona renter's insurance is designed to protect your personal property when your landlord's coverage doesn't cover the damage. If your belongings are damaged due to a water backup in your apartment or are stolen by a maintenance worker, your renter's insurance will provide coverage. Even if you aren't required to carry renter's insurance, it's a smart idea to have it if you have expensive belongings such as computers, TVs, and other electronics.

Who Needs Renter's Insurance?

Whether you're living in your first college dorm room, renting an apartment in the city, or moving into a small rental house with a few of your friends, it's important to have renter's insurance if you want to protect your belongings. Most landlords will require you to carry renter's insurance to rent a property, but you should have it even if it's not required. Renter's insurance is affordable and can cover expensive damage to your prized possessions.

No matter what kind of rental property you're living at, protecting your belongings is important. As an Arizona resident, you should have renter's insurance whether you're going to college, living in your first apartment, or renting a single-family home. Call The Southwest Financial Center to get a free renter's insurance quote today.

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